Under 9 yrs

The low-compression red, orange and green balls are slower and don’t bounce as high, which gives kids more time to hit the ball and it encourages correct stroke technique.


Got a younger player ready to lace up their shoes, put on their caps and grab their racquets? There is nothing like seeing the look of excitement as your kids burst out onto the court, gleam of hope in their eye, arms swinging, ready to hit that perfect shot over the net.

We recommend the ORANGE balls

Give your kids the confidence they need out on the court by arming them with the tennis ball suited exactly to their needs; the Meister Stage 2. There is no better way to set your child or student up for success than by making sure they have everything they need to learn, and the Meister Stage 2 Tennis Balls are perfect for just that.

Covered in an orange/yellow felt and sold as a set of 72, these balls are perfect for juniors between the ages of 8 and 9. Designed to be 50% slower than a standard tennis ball, they will help to give your child the confidence and skills they need around precision, contact and accuracy to become superstars out on the court. If you’ve got a little Roger or Serena on your hands, then give them the foundation they need to rise to the top with these low compression Meister Stage 2 balls.