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I’ve played and coached with the Meister ball and given them a hard run whilst here in Melbourne. They are as good as any expensive big-name ball brand out there. The price is way more competitive, and you get a lot more bang for your buck.”

Joe Sirianni

Ex ATP 138 Circuit player / International Coach



Hi, would like to congratulate John for finding a high-quality endurance ball that can sustain the hitting and conditions that it is used in.  Always looking for a ball in coaching that the control and feel are there, and this make of ball enables all these.

Russell Cornell

Level 2, Tennis Australia coach



Found the ball very good. Plenty of feel for spin and control.  Very comparable to the Top Wilson ball.  Have bought 100 dozen balls and very happy with them.

Dean Ellis High Performance Coach

Tennis Australia coach



Hi it's Stirling Head coach at Mt Martha tennis club, after trying the Meister balls from pro direct I was surprised by the Quality, really nice bounce on synthetic grass courts and seem to last much longer than the Slazenger balls we had been using.  Would recommend them, great value for money.

Stirling Lingard

Tennis Australia coach


The Meister Platinum ball is absolutely fantastic It is a top-quality ball at a very competitive price

Terry Stone

Head coach Grace Park Hawthorn Club; Tennis Australia coach



Hi John,

I just wanted to say that in my capacity as a qualified professional coach having used every brand of tennis balls sold, now having used the Meister brand in my business for quite some time, I have found that this Meister brand of balls to be of the highest quality and not only are they really well priced there durability is great as well, Super product!

Con Zaharias

Match Point Tennis Academy; Tennis Australia coach



I am very hard on my appraisal of Tennis Balls.  All I can say Meister tennis balls really impressed me; so much so I’ve decided to use them for all my coaching from elite players right through to juniors.

Andrew McLean

Royal South Yarra Tennis Club; Tennis Australia coach



Great price, consistency, high quality and durability makes buying the Meister brand very easy.  Can’t beat them.

Conrad Lim

Royal South Yarra Tennis Club; Tennis Australia coach


I coach at 3 venues on hard court, synthetic grass and en tour cas.

Our programs range from beginner through to high performance and pro tour level players. Our professional players expect their practice sessions to be world class every day. In order to do this, we need to ensure the balls we use are of a standard that meets the needs of international players.

In 2018 we changed our elite program's to Meister balls.

The feedback has been 100% positive from both male and female players and coaches. The durability, quality of felt, and life of the ball all exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend the Meister ball to all players and coaches.

Matt Gregory

Tennis Australia High Performance Coach



Having used the Meister tennis ball over the last 4 months I have realised this ball has many great qualities:

1. It's brand name stands out far more than any other ball on the market...people can relate to the MEISTER BALL

2. The Meister ball outlasts any other ball ...having used numerous brands of balls for coaching over the years this ball is far superior:

a. Maintains great pressure

b. Consistent bounce in hot and cold climatic conditions

c. This ball is suitable for the high-performance player to the low-level competition player

d. Overall it's a great product for its affordable price.

Phil Mattei

Tennis Australia Coach




A great quality coaching ball that keeps its shape with all types of hitting and surfaces.  No fluff and not too hard. My students love it. This new Meister is a ball I can really rely on.

Adam V

Alpha Tennis; Tennis Australia Coach