Adult Practice


If durability and playability are what you’re after, then the Pressure-Less Meister are going to be right up your alley. For those that want that perfect combination of endurance and precision, this ball delivers. Different to their Pressurised counter-parts, these balls have a rubber core that makes them bounce without the need for internal pressure, delivering an invariable bounce regardless of how old they may be.

Made to last, the Pressure-Less Meister Tennis balls are perfect for coaches and players who train regularly. With a high grade, strong TTI woollen combination felt that provides the durability needed for maximum life span, these will take hit after hit, but will continue to perform day in day out.

Got a big game ahead of you, or practicing your serves into that perfect corner for an ace every time? Give our Meister Pressure-Less Balls a go. Sold as a set of 72, these will provide durability, precision and playability – the triple threat you need to be the only threat out on the court.

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